In Kriens, canton of Lucerne, Switzerland, through an activity of the “Central Switzerland Branch of the Albanian Business Network in Switzerland” and “Union Invest AG” was inaugurated the facility purchased by 20 Albanian shareholders, who are currently circulating 3 million francs.

Yesterday, for the first time in the history of Albanian emigrants in Switzerland, a practical step was taken, which has been lacking so far. In order to achieve the final goal, in advance the owners of Albanian firms in this region jointly raised significant funds for joint investments.

This union also took the first practical step, jointly purchasing this facility, which in addition to serving as the headquarters of this entity, the rest of the premises will be leased. In the same building yesterday met over 30 Albanians, mainly from Kriensi, but also guests from other cantons. The President of the “Central Switzerland Branch of the Albanian Business Network in Switzerland”, Florim Useini, greeted the participants, also the President of “Union Invest AG”, Mehdi Avdijaj, the President of the Albanian Business Network in Switzerland, Qamil Isufi, then Skenderbeg Klaiqi , chairman and founder of the Albanian Lobby, who had come from Germany to participate in this inaugural gathering, as well as the chairman of the Association “Union” in Uster, Zurich, Guximtar Alushi.

Florim Useini, Mehmdi Avdijaj and Qamil Isufi focused on the activity developed within the Central Switzerland Branch of the Albanian Business Network in Switzerland and the Union Invest AG, emphasizing that there will be numerous collaborations between Albanian entrepreneurs.

This meeting is only the first step of this initiative that is expected to be quite cooperative./Prointegra/

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