Despite the new coronavirus, the United States will hold its national election this year. Experts say the process may be a bit challenging, but the presidential and congressional elections will take place next week, on November 3. But which one of the two presidential candidates will the Albanian and Kosovo leaders support??
The Albanian leaders from both Kosovo and Albania seem to be divided as to which candidate to support amid the tensions that the Trump administration has caused due to his way of handling the talks between Kosovo and Serbia.
While the other leaders have been reserved to open declarations of support for a specific candidate, Albin Kurti, the leader of the Movement for Self-determination (LVV), has openly expressed his support for Democrats and their candidate Joe Biden. He was reasoning his choice referring to the statements of the Democrat candidate during the election campaign, who supported the unconditional independence of the Kosova state.
On the last elections of 2017, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, had clearly opposed the election of Donald Trump which turned out to become the new president of the USA. It is clear that most of the Albanian leaders have already taken the lessons and they have chosen to wait for the results of November 3rd.

Renard Xhafa

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