Three Albanian brothers in Philadelphia, Leo, Përparim and Shkëlqim Osmanollaj have become part of the morning show “Fox News America”.

The presenter Micky Jerrick, visited with cameras the business “M 2 O” of three Albanian brothers. During the visit to the business premises he makes a presentation of the environment and the brothers and asks Leo Osmanollaj to briefly tell them how they found themselves in America.

“In 1999 in Kosovo was a time of war and my father left, then we came here in 2000, after the war, we came as refugees and now we find ourselves managing our business,” says Leo Osmanollaj.

Already the three brothers successfully manage their specialty fast food businesses in different flavors.

The three brothers all live together in a large house in Philadelphia and the presenter did not leave without emphasizing this detail.

Micky after enjoying the food of the Albanian brothers, invited all the followers that they should definitely try the food there.

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