Four civilians were killed and 22 wounded in Monday’s attack in Vienna, which Austrian authorities described as “terrorist”.

Austrian police killed the assailant, who identified him as Kujtim Fejzullai, 20, a citizen of Austria and northern Macedonia.

Macedonian authorities confirmed on Tuesday that two other Macedonian citizens were also involved in the attack in Vienna.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said 14 people had been arrested in connection with the Vienna attack.

He added that after the raid on the house of the attacker, already killed, 18 raids were carried out.

The Austrian Interior Minister said that based on the data, there are no indications that a second attacker was also involved in the attack in Vienna.

He also added that the attacker in Vienna, seemed to be integrated into Austrian society, but in fact was the opposite.

According to Nehammer, he “he managed to deceive people within the deracalization program and through that get out of jail”.

Two citizens of Northern Macedonia, connected to the attack in Vienna
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Northern Macedonia has announced that in addition to Kujtim Fejzullai, two other persons, citizens of Northern Macedonia, were involved in Monday’s attack in Vienna.

From the list of the Austrian police, which was handed over to some police officers, including our police, we found that two other people, besides the Austrian, also have the citizenship of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, respectively KF (born in Modling, Austria), AG (born in St. Polten, Austria) and AI (born in Vienna, Austria). The Sector for International Police Cooperation in the Ministry of Interior was immediately made available to colleagues from Austria and we are cooperating intensively with all elements related to this case “, reads the written announcement of the Ministry of Interior in Skopje.

The ministry also announced a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

“The Austrian Prime Minister expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Zaev for the solidarity and support expressed. “The prime ministers expressed their readiness to continue communication and cooperation regarding the terrorist attack if the Austrian services determine such a need,” reads the announcement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Northern Macedonia told Radio Free Europe that “it is in constant contact with the Austrian authorities to verify the identity of the attacker, but also for his possible connections with other persons. The Austrian police through INTERPOL has submitted a request for cooperation in this case and our authorities immediately responded to the request for action.

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