The works for the realization of the “Key of Montevergine” (Montevergine Key) by the artist Alfred Mirashi “Milot” continue, writes the Italian daily oggiquotidiano about the giant work, over 40 meters high, which will be placed on the road leading to the Montevergine Abbey.

The position selected this time for the placement of the work, which will be a “guinea” for the dimensions, is that of the exit on the road Avellino-Ovest, where the climb begins to the Montevergine Abbey which is visited every year by more than one million half pilgrim.

For years, “Chelsea” has been the symbol on which Milot works with conviction, a key that takes the form of a call against walls and partitions.

Albanian Alfred Mirash Miloti, under the artistic direction of Michele Stanzione and with the help of the Metal Zurlo company, for “The Key”, a positive symbol of hope, a wish of the President of the Province of Avellino Domenico Biancardi.

The installation site was not chosen at random, nor was the title of the work over 40 meters, in the artist’s favorite corten steel material, and will be installed at the Mercogliano roundabout.

A job, therefore, that everyone will see as a universal “call” of mutual respect between people, so that they live in peace with each other and that there are no more closed and remote places. The artist wants, at such a difficult time for the whole world, to give a message of hope that aims to awaken the collective thinking of a society that has recently lost self-esteem.

“My work is a positive message of hope, to avoid the individual or collective fear that surrounds us,” Milot said, “especially today when, because of a pandemic, we fear our neighbor more than ever.” “We all have the right to make our dreams come true and everyone should be guaranteed the same opportunities to do so.”

In recent years, the “key” has become a reference emblem for Milot, a symbol of all his works, whether in painting, sculpture and large installations.

The “Milot keys” are a universal symbol of freedom and peace against the connection to the power of contemporary society, and especially against the complex bureaucratic system that represents a major constraint of the international capitalist system.

Conceptually the key, an object of daily use becomes a means to retrieve the past with the joy of the present to see the future.

So the President of the Province of Avellino Domenico Biancardi invited the artist Milot to create the “Montevergine Key”, choosing a symbolic place for its installation. A circle, a circle without beginning and end, almost symbolizes the circle of life, a rebirth of a free society, open to everything and everyone, open to dialogue, confrontation and in which there is opportunity for all. (DSH)

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