Specialized Prosecution arrests Jakup Krasniqi – his transfer to The Hague is expected

Jakup Krasniqi is arrested, sent to The Hague

Jakup Krasniqi’s lawyer, Valon Hasani, has announced that after the confirmation of the indictment by the Specialized Chambers in The Hague, Krasniqi has been arrested and is expected to be transferred to The Hague.

The arrest of the former Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Jakup Krasniqi, and spokesman of the former Kosovo Liberation Army, was made after about ten hours of stay of members of the Hague Specialized Prosecution at his home in Pristina.

“The specialized prosecution had an action and based on the order issued by the Specialized Chambers, Jakup Krasniqi was arrested, and now he has just left for The Hague. The indictment against him has been confirmed and a hearing is expected to be scheduled very soon “, stated lawyer Hasani.

Hasani stated that the offenses for which Krasniqi is suspected are not specified, but are within the scope of the offenses which fall under the jurisdiction of the Specialized Chambers.

Dardan Krasniqi, a family member of Jakup Krasniqi, said that Krasniqi’s house in Negroc was also raided.

Limaj: Krasniqi would not oppose justice The
leader of the Social Democratic Initiative, Fatmir Limaj, reacted after the arrest of the former Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Jakup Krasniqi, and spokesman for the former Kosovo Liberation Army.

In a press conference, Limaj called the manner of arrest unnecessary.

“He (Jakup Krasniqi) would never oppose justice, he would never oppose justice. On the contrary, his whole life is a struggle for justice, for freedom, for coexistence, a struggle for well-being “, said Limaj.

Raid operation
The Kosovo Specialized Chambers, based in The Hague, announced on Wednesday that the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office is conducting operations in Pristina.

During the day, Sevdije Krasniqi, the wife of the former Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Jakup Krasniqi, told Radio Free Europe that there is no information as to why an operation is being carried out in their home.

According to Sevdije Krasniqi, the operation started at 5:30.

“They did not offer us any documents. “So we do not know what the purpose or reason for coming to our house is,” she said.

Meanwhile, according to the announcement of the Specialized Chambers, the SPO operations are being carried out with the support of the Kosovo Police and the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), but other details regarding these operations will be provided later. .

Meanwhile, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, through a notification, has announced that it is following the actions of EULEX regarding the former Speaker of the Assembly, Jakup Krasniqi, emphasizing that, “Kosovo, the holders of institutions and the citizens of have consistently set an example of respect and cooperation with domestic and international justice ”.

“The presumption of innocence must be respected in every case until there is another decision of the competent court. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo recognizes as inalienable the pure and sacred purpose of the people of Kosovo in the fight for freedom “, it is said in the announcement.

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