Every population of the world, even counting the diversity of individual personalities, has its own unique characteristics that make them unique. These sometimes even comic features make people laugh out loud. But what are some of the Albanian features:

1. Hospitality, Albanians will never let you go hungry

Even the most casual visits to a friend’s house can never be casual in Albania. Food, drinks or even sweets – everything will be served. And if an Albanian invites you to dinner, either at home or in a restaurant, you can be sure that you will not leave this place without being completely satisfied. You will realize that in the end you will surrender and accept all the things that are served to you like antipasti, drinks, appetizers, meat, sweets and many more.

2. If an Albanian meets you, he / she will invite you for coffee

If you think that you can successfully pass a conversation from a simple meeting and not be invited for coffee by Albanians, then you are wrong! A casual walk along the promenades can turn into a coffee or a beer and a long and pleasant conversation. Despite the fact that nowadays some of the old Albanian traditions are being lost, this apparently will not change for a long time among Albanians.

3. An Albanian never bothers you

Albanians have fun in their DNA. We like to talk, to socialize, to be social, but above all we do not like moments of calm. No matter how much we can work during the day, the desire to have fun and have fun is deeply rooted in us. If you become part of Albanian society, it is good to know that Albanians are responsible for your experience and always try to please you. A day without a small dose of fun is unimaginable for Albanians and if you associate with them you will certainly be part of these adventures.

4. Albanians like humor

It could be because of the dramatic history of the country or even a response to the beautiful nature, landscape or even the climate of the country. And most of all we do not know what makes us unable to have a long and serious conversation without inserting any jokes in between. Sense of humor is important for Albanians, why not we think it can be for others.

5. If you sit at the bar with an Albanian, you will surely fight for the payment of the bill

If you go out for a coffee, lunch or dinner with an Albanian, you will always dedicate the last 10 minutes to the part of who will pay. And the frequent discussions that take place about this part are ‘that I invited you’ (even if this is not true) or even slightly more dramatic statements like ‘my mother would kill me if you would pay’ or ‘I swear’ for the honor of my grandfather. ”/ IntoAlbania

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