COVID-19 “infects the Cadastre”, Tirana-North Regional Directorate is temporarily closed

Tirana Cadastre could not escape the wave of infections from COVID-19 as it decided this Thursday to close its doors.

In an announcement on its official Facebook page, it is announced that due to the high number of infected, a temporary closure has been decided for the Tirana-North Regional Directorate.

Also, in some of the local directorates, work is being done with a limited capacity of 50% of the staff (Local Directorates Berat, Durrës, Gjirokastër, Korçë, Tirana South, Kamëz-Vora, Vlora).

The announcement also calls on citizens to try to avoid those applications that are not necessary at the moment, in order to jointly try not to cause system overload.

“Dear citizens, Even the Cadastre could not escape the wave of infections from COVID-19.

Faced with this situation, the General Directorate of Cadastre, addressed according to the procedures to the Regional Directorate of Health Care.

The medical teams, after inspecting the offices of the Tirana Regional Directorate, left their recommendations regarding the condition of infections, the situation of the work environment, the physical distances between employees, etc.

It was also decided to temporarily close the Tirana-North Regional Directorate,” said the announcement among other things./abcnews