USA / Independence Day, Brooklyn Is Adorned With Red And Black Flags

The red and black flags with the black double-headed eagle were placed by Shkumbin Hasangjekaj and Shkumbin Balidemaj on one of the main streets of Brooklyn, “Bay Parkway” where many Albanians live.
On November 21, 2020 one of the largest neighborhoods of New York, Brooklyn, which is also one of the five main divisions of the city, joined the occasion of the national holiday of Albanians, the Independence Day of Albania – November 28 , for the fifth time, in the decoration of street pillars with red and black flags.
Also this year in Brooklyn, the red and black flags with the black double eagle are placed, with the initiative and contribution of two Vuthjans in New York, Shkumbin Hasangjekaj and Shkumbin Balidemaj, on one of the main streets of Brooklyn, both sides of the road on the boulevard “Bay Parkway”, where many Albanian families live, from Albania, Kosovo and Albanian territories.
The decorations of the new “capital” of the Albanians of America, New York, are already becoming, in the last decade, a tradition in the month of the independence of Albania, November 28, not only in all the houses, the clubs, the bars of the Albanians, the cars of them, but also in some of the streets and squares where Albanians live in large numbers, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and others.
So the heralds of Albania’s Independence Day, the Red and Black Flags, with the two-headed Eagle, are everywhere in downtown New York, with the red and black flags.
In the Bronx, the segment of the street named after Mother Teresa “Lydig Avenue and Hollanda Avenue,” the famous Avenue “” Arthur Avenue “, as well as the side streets that have many Albanian businesses and shops, such as” Morris Park “,” Huge Avenue ”,“ 187 Street ”,“ William Bridge ”,“ Pelham Park ”, etc.
On Staten Island all week, are the heralds of Independence Day, adorned with the red and black flag, the famous Hylan Blvd. Meanwhile, even entertainment companies, associations and community organizations, their clubs, have days that have begun preparations for the festive evenings.
Alongside these flags, as a sign of gratitude to the USA for its contribution to Kosovo and the Albanian cause, red and black flags are waved alongside the American flags, in every pillar.
“This gives the Albanian community, these holidays, another sense of our national pride, when to see these red and black flags – waving, alongside the American flag as a thank you for what the United States has done for us.” , said the Councilor of the City of New York, Mr. Mark Gjonaj.
According to Gjonaj, unofficially in the Tri-State area, it is estimated that there are over 250,000 Albanians and approximately 100,000 live in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island neighborhoods in New York.
“It is important for Albanians to continue to celebrate their culture and heritage,” Gjonaj said.
By Beqir Sina

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