Covid death toll issue, Rama: Impossible to happen

Prime Minister, Edi Rama has described as villainy the opposition’s accusations that the government is hiding the actual number of deaths related to Covid-19.

During the conversation with journalists this Tuesday, the Prime Minister clarified once again that doctors are the ones who make the diagnosis of deaths and have criminal responsibility for their actions.

It is impossible to hide the number of deaths. The doctors are responsible for determining the causes of deaths. Those who say this villainy must at the same time think that the doctors are such fools to violate the law and change the diagnosis.

Who will win in all this? This question can be answered only by the one who uses even the deaths in his fight for power,” Rama declared referring to Democratic Party (DP) Chairman, Lulzim Basha.

Asked about the vaccine, Rama said that they are making efforts not to lag behind in this process. The head of government also said that they are trying to get all kinds of vaccines and it does not matter the price./abcnews

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