88-year-old man who has appeared 14 times in protest against HEC: I will rise from the grave

(VETTING) – In Kaçinar of Mirdita, the residents have been protesting for several months. They are determined to stop the work of the company that has obtained a permit for the construction of 4 HPPs on the Shpërdhaza River that flows through the 7 villages of this area.

Ndrek Frroku is 88 years old and has participated in 14 protests held so far. Neither age nor fear of the coronavirus stops it. “I, extremely tired of old age, could not bear this great invasion. I ask them to leave us water because we use this water more. Until I die. “Only for this job there is no rest for me. I can get up from the grave to ask for this right because the plants and everything are drying up and they are making us stop having Kaçinar”, says Ndrek Frroku in VETTING on ABC .