Albania start from Monday quick coronavirus test

Rapid tests for the coronavirus have begun in Turin, Italy. Several teams of specialists have taken to the streets and tested the citizens.

In some photos shot by correspondent in Italy, Nderim Kaceli, are seen from the car the teams that test citizens from.

These quick tests for the coronavirus will start, as announced by the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu, from Monday in Tirana.

The Minister clarified that so far 100 thousand rapid tests have been provided and that from December 20 this type of testing will be extended to regional hospitals.

But how do quick coronavirus tests work?

In a press release, the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Institute of Public Health, Silva Bino explain that the test is done on people who are in the first 5 days of infection and that the result comes out in 30 minutes

Also, Bino stressed out that these quick test show an accurate result