108 Years Of Army, Xhaçka: Armed Forces, A Force Of NATO Standards

Today marks the 107th anniversary of the creation of the Albanian Army. In a Facebook post, Prime Minister Rama has expressed the greatest respect for every Albanian who in these 108 years, has served in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Albania.

“Glory to the martyrs” writes Rama.

While the Minister of Defense, Olta Xhaçka, underlines that in 108 years the Armed Forces of Albania have had a history full of drama and success, pain and joy, ups and downs.

Xhaçka: A story that intertwines and becomes one with the history of Albania and Albanians. Today I feel proud that the Armed Forces are appreciated by Albanians as the most reliable and respected institution, just as I feel proud when our partners and allies appreciate the performance of our boys and girls in uniform and the great progress that the Armed Forces have made.

The Minister underlines that there is still a lot of work to be done, but it is a fact that the Armed Forces today is a more modern, more professional force, with soldiers who are educated and trained in the same way as their NATO counterparts, while being treated financially and equipped many times better.

Xhaçka: Gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the FA! Gratitude and pride for those boys and girls who with their work are turning the Armed Forces into a force of NATO standards.

The US Ambassador, Yuri Kim, also congratulated the 108th anniversary of the establishment of the Albanian Armed Forces.

Kim: We are proud to train and fight together – American and Albanian forces side by side. We hope to further strengthen our mutual readiness, cooperation and teamwork. Congratulations! (OraNews)