Vetëvendosje Movement Submits A Draft Resolution On The Serbian Genocide To The Albanian Parliament

Vetëvendosje Movement, headquartered in Albania, has sent to all members of the Assembly, the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Academy of Sciences, the People’s Advocate and political parties in Albania the proposal for the draft resolution on the Serbian genocide against Kosovo Albanians.

The draft resolution refers to the resolutions and statements of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania in the years 1998-1999, the Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo of 2019 on the Serbian genocide committed against Kosovo Albanians, and makes some requests to the institutions of Albania, as follows:

• Setting the date January 15, as Kosovo has done, as “Day of Remembrance of the Genocide against Kosovo Albanians”, raising a memorial in Tirana, and the relevant state protocol for the activities of this date in coordination with the authorities of the Republic of Kosovo.

• Amendments to the Criminal Code regarding the issue of genocide, as well as the adaptation of school curricula to educate future generations.

The internationalization of the issue of genocide against Kosovo Albanians in all international and intergovernmental organizations, given the fact that Kosovo is not yet a member of many of them.

The draft resolution also imposes demands on the state of Serbia regarding the recognition, punishment, apology and reparations related to the genocide committed by the Serbian state apparatus against Kosovo Albanians, requesting the full clarification of the fate of all those who still considered missing.

The full text of the draft resolution is being published today, with the conviction that this is a public issue that affects the entire Albanian nation. We emphasize the importance of the Resolution to be adopted before January 15, 2021, so that this date, this year, is marked by a decision of the Assembly, along with the tasks that the Assembly imposes on itself and the institutions of the Republic of Albania regarding this issue.

VV believes that this is an issue that transcends partisan differences and that requires national unity. This draft resolution follows the official request filed with the institutions on November 12, 2020. (OraNews)