Venice Commission has approved the final opinion on the Electoral Code

The Venice Commission this Friday approved the final opinion regarding the changes in the Electoral Code in Albania, following the request submitted by President Ilir Meta.

In its final report Venice notes that no change requested by Meta has been approved in the preliminary draft.

The above changes are in accordance with the best standards in elections according to the definitions in the code of good practices in elections to the Venice Commission.

On the other hand, in this report, the Commission criticizes the actions of burning the mandates by the extra-parliamentary opposition as an act against the European electoral heritage and can not be critical today when it left the institutional process on the road.

Venice also emphasizes that the Assembly is legitimate as long as it has all the necessary quorums for any decision-making. Coalitions according to legal changes are in line with the standards.

Meanwhile, the Venice Commission does not analyze the parliamentary procedure, the standard commission does not say how long such a procedure for constitutional changes lasts, but the assembly has clarified the observance of procedures and deadlines in the constitution and its regulations, as well as public consultation.

The Venice Recommendations emphasize the need for all parties to control the conduct of the elections on 25 April 2021./abcnews