Klodian Rasha protests, Police: No more tolerance

State Police highlighted this Monday that no rally will be allowed, which contradicts the current framework of austerity measures.
Based on the recent protests against the murder of Klodian Rasha by a police officer, the State Police suggest that the measures set by the Technical Committee of Experts should be respected, where, among other things, the gathering of more than 10 people is prohibited, otherwise the country will move towards a greater closure.
“Pursuant to the Normative Act, in order to respect the measures against COVID due to the disturbing situation caused by the pandemic, by all citizens throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania, to increase public safety in general, taking into account even the recent protests, the implementation of measures and protocols approved by the Committee of Experts and the orders of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection is required.

The State Police is very aware of the right to protest and the inviolable freedom of gathering. In the conditions of great public awareness after the tragedy of the twenty-five-year-old boy who fatally lost his life, at the hands of a police officer, the State Police has found it impossible to bypass the popular sensibility to not allow any gathering.

But now that justice is doing its job against the perpetrator of the murder and when the protests have degraded into organizations aimed at violating public order and public property, the State Police will not tolerate any gathering that runs counter to the current framework of austerity measures,” appealed the Police./abcnews

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