“We Do Not Deserve To Live If We Deny The Serbian Genocide”

Berisha Speaks After Meeting With Vjosa Osmani

Former Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha has made a statement to the media after meeting with the Speaker of the Parliament of Kosovo and the incumbent President, Vjosa Osmani.

Berisha said that Osmani spoke yesterday in the Albanian Parliament on behalf of all Albanians, while he considered the denial of the Serbian genocide a hostile act.

“I used the opportunity to discuss the problems that the two countries are facing. I thanked Mrs. President for the great issues she raised in her speech in the Albanian Parliament, the denial by the painter of the Serbian genocide, is a flagrant act of the Albanian nation.

I want to tell you that the president spoke in parliament not only on behalf of the citizens of Kosovo but of all Albanians. Not only for the Albanians who are alive today, but on behalf of the generations that are extinct today, on behalf of the thousands of Albanians who were massacred by Serbian racists until 1999. The act of denial by order of Rama in the documents of the Albanian Parliament of the Serbian genocide , is an act hostile to every Albanian and humanity, who does not recognize forgiveness for the punishment of crimes against him and genocide against a nation on racist grounds.

After the Holocaust against the Jews is the most brutal form of genocide that Europe has known. Who does not know this problem to refer to books. But since 2013, thanks to that road, the citizens of Kosovo contribute with 320 million euros to the domestic production of Albania, which today is the largest. This man who has not invested a single penny in the Albania-Kosovo relationship, put a beam on Kosovo Albanians, set the tax to come to Albania in an act of real malice”, said Berisha.

The former prime minister went on to stress that if we deny these genocides we deserve to disappear.

“If we decide to sleep on graves, there will never be peace. If we deny the cyclical genocides of Serbs against Albanians, we do not deserve to live. We deserve to disappear. But we are not disappearing and we have proved that.” (ABC News)