Yuri Kim: Judge’s Approval Of The Constitutional Court, Important News

US Ambassador Yuri Kim welcomed the approval by the assembly of the judge for the Constitutional Court.

Kim writes on Twitter that another judge is needed for this court to be functional and that this was a strong collaboration between KED, the President & Parliament.

Yuri Kim: Important news: Parliament approves judge for Constitutional Court. Now 1 more judge is needed for this court to be functional. We hope that KED will send the list of candidates to the President as soon as possible. This is a great achievement which will move Albania one step closer to the EU and reflects the strong cooperation of KED, the President & Parliament.

Justice reform will not be easy, fast or perfect, but it is moving forward – step by step – and it must continue. The United States continues to support the desire of the Albanian people for a transparent, just & fully functional justice system. (OraNews)