International Emigrants Day, Meta Strong Message: Let Us All Unite To Stop Depopulation

On the International Day of Emigrants, the President of the Republic Ilir Meta reacted with a strong message calling for unification, to say stop the depopulation of Albania.

The full message of President Meta:

The collapse of the savage dictatorship in the early 1990s provoked a mass exodus. Three decades after those shocking events, the depopulation rates of Albania are again dramatic because all the standards of governance in the country have deteriorated.

Official data from the European Immigration Office indicate that 64% of illegal immigrants in Europe, from the region, are from Albania.

Most of them are young, which the current system does not listen to, does not include and does not give you any opportunity.

In recent months alone, also due to COVID-19, over 50 thousand citizens lost their jobs and in the absence of hope they too are ready to leave.

So today, on International Migrants Day, I recall the need to reflect swiftly, responsibly and prudently to stop this national catastrophe, which should not continue even one more day.

In the name of a nation that is endangered in its existence and that must live in its own lands where Albanian is spoken, where the heart beats red and black and where there is sunshine for all, it is time to unite all, inside and outside the Homeland, for to STOP THE POPULATION OF ALBANIA.

Let’s unite for families that suffer so much separation and loneliness!

Let us unite for the youth, so that their voice can be heard in the Assembly, Government, Municipality and in every decision-making institution!

To unite for sustainable economic development, for welfare, for better quality of life, for new jobs, for better salaries, for deserved education and health, to fight corruption and capture of the state, for justice not selective, for order and security and European integration.