An Albanian “Batman” In The World Boxing Arena

A special way to introduce yourself in the ring, which then managed to win. Reshat Mati, a 22-year-old Albanian boxer living in Staten Island, clashed with Dennis Okoth on Friday night.

Mati went to the ring wearing a costume of the Batman character, but an Albanian Batman with the eagle emblem and in the background the Back Street Boys song “I want it that way”.

The Albanian managed to win without needing all six rounds, securing the victory with Knock Out.

After the match, Reshati did not hide his happiness as he explained the meaning of his dress.

I did a poll on Instagram to find out what clothes to wear in the ring, with “Spiderman” or “Batman”. My followers chose “Batman” and so I entered. “In fact, I injured both my hands in the first round,” he said after the match.

Reshat Mati is known as the “Albanian bear” in the boxing arena and so far counts 9 wins and no losses.