Ambassador Kim on new AL-US extradition treaty: Our partnership is long lasting

US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim, praised the signing of the extradition agreement between the United States and Albania.

During her speech, the US Ambassador stated that this agreement is evidence of a long-standing partnership between the two countries, which according to her hits the criminals hiding behind the borders.

Moreover, Ambassador Kim once again repeated the US support for Special Prosecution against Organized Crime and Corruption (SPAK).

“It is a great honor for me to sign this treaty, between the US and Albania, which is the latest evidence of a partnership between the two countries. This treaty was signed 87 years ago, on March 1, 1933. This was a time when Albania was a Kingdom, not a Republic. This treaty provides a framework for tackling crime.

This treaty provides a powerful weapon to end the impunity of criminals hiding behind the border. Persons wanted for an extraditable crime shall be handed over under the terms of this treaty. The US has played the role of an efficient partner. The more efficient Albania is in prosecuting international crime, the closer it will be to integration.

The US will be close to Albania, despite the challenges it faces. We support the work of the Special Prosecution. We are also working with BKH, helping in the best choices, to find the best drafters. The success of SPAK is not only what the US expects, but it is also what Albanians want.

I appreciate the extradition agreement between the countries and I hope it will be implemented very soon. We have an everlasting partnership. Our friendship is permanent,” said Ambassador Kim.

Albania and the United States of America have signed today the new extradition agreement between the two countries. This agreement follows that of 87 years ago and replaces the treaty of 1933. The agreement was signed by Ambassador Yuri Kim and Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj./abcnews