Meta: Serbia is trying to depopulate Albanians in Medveda

President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, has directly accused Serbia of aiming to depopulate Medveda in an unfair game of unequal territorial corrections, calling for an end to the depopulation of Albanian lands.

These statements were made by the Head of State during a solemn ceremony, where he awarded today the title “Knight of the Order of Skanderbeg”, to the prominent activist of our national diaspora and patriot from the Presevo Valley, Mr. Muharrem Salihu.

This high appreciation was motivated by the following: “Grateful for the far-sighted investments in favor of economic, social development and employment of Albanians and the community, as a way to stop the depopulation of native lands and to promote the normalization of life and interethnic coexistence. For the strong support of the cultural and artistic activities of the Albanians, which prove the early traces of their autochthony in the areas where they live, everywhere in the Republic of Serbia ”.

In his greeting speech addressed to family members, MPs, diplomats, former ministers, intellectuals and personalities present, the Head of State described Mr. Saliu as an emblematic figure of our diaspora.

“I understood why Serbia intends to depopulate Medvedja in a dishonest game of unequal territorial corrections. Traveling to Medvedja, I understood why Muharrem decided to invest in a factory there. This factory not only enables the stay of Albanian families but also helps the interethnic coexistence there.

I understood why he has financed a museum, an amphitheater for cultural performances in Albanian, near his neighborhood, near the graves of his ancestors, near the houses, which are the eternally established pillars of our existence as a nation in those areas. His example applies to everyone like the one who wants to come back.

This honor today for Muharram is an honor for all those like Muharram, who have decided to stay, to resist, not to abandon the homes of the ancients,” President Meta noted./abcnews