Greece’s Expansion Into The Ionian, Nishani To Rama: You Are Becoming An Advocate Of The Other’s Interest

After the decision of Greece to expand by 12 miles in the Ionian Sea, comes the reaction of the former president, Bujar Nishani.

Through a reaction on Facebook, the former head of state says that Prime Minister Edi Rama is doing the lawyer of the other’s interest, declaring that Greece has the right to exercise this right.

According to Nishani, Rama has the duty and responsibility to protect only the interest of Albania and not the interest that seriously harms our country.

The full reaction of the former president:

The Prime Minister of Albania undertakes to show the Albanians that the expansion of the maritime territory of Greece to 12 miles is a right of Greece and that Albania has no reason to complain !!!!!

There can be no bigger and blacker scandal! What is the interest and right of Greece is the duty of the Prime Minister of Greece to show and protect it!

The Prime Minister of Albania has the duty and responsibility to protect and show the interest of Albania. The Prime Minister of Albania not only refuses to show and defend the interest of Albania, but even blacker, he becomes an advocate of the interest of the other, an interest that seriously damages the interest of Albania! Betrayal has a Name! (OraNews)