Sea, Meta Reacts: I Exercise All Competencies To Not Allow The Violation Of Albania

The President, Ilir Meta, accuses that the decision to stop the talks with Greece on the sea was made without any consultation. A day after Greece decided to expand by 12 miles in the Ionian Sea, the Head of State stresses that he will not allow the interests of the state to be violated. The statement comes at a time when Prime Minister Rama has stated that the sea issue will go to international court.

The legal extension of the territorial waters of Greece by 12 miles, has worried not only the public opinion in Tirana, but also President Ilir Meta.

Through a Facebook status, the Head of State guarantees the citizens that he will not allow anyone to violate the interests of the Albanian state.

“I assure all Albanian citizens that I will continue to exercise my duties with maximum state and constitutional responsibility and that I will not allow for any moment to violate the state and national interests of the Republic by any individual who abuses the authority delegated by the Albanian people.”

Recalling the power given to the government in 2018 to negotiate with Greece on the duty border, Ilir Meta says that he has no official announcement that this process has ended between the two countries.

“Until now, I have no official notification or request to suggest the termination, suspension or completion of the bilateral negotiation process, by the negotiating team or by the Albanian government. I remind once again the representatives of the institutions at all levels of the state hierarchy, their constitutional and legal obligation and responsibility, in the service of state and national interests.”

The President underlines the fact that he will be cooperative in this process, but reminds the Albanian government again of the decision of the Constitutional Court in 2010. A day earlier in Greece came into force the presidential decree to extend 12 miles to sea, while Prime Minister Rama stated that the issue resolved in the international court (OraNews)