50% of Tirana population has reached immunity against Covid

Academy of Sciences of Albania has presented Wednesday the results on the second phase of the seroepidemiological study on the state of immunity of the population in the situation of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, according to data from the screening.

According to Dr. Genc Sulçebe, we have 50% immunity in the population of Tirana which’s why the vaccination process should have as a priority those who have not been infected: “At the end of 2020 over 50% of the population of Tirana are immune to coronavirus. Priority should be given to those who have not been infected. Because they are more fragile. Others have anti-troops.”

From the data made public by the Academy of Sciences, at the national level, it turns out that 25% of the population has acquired immunity. The data for the study were obtained through serological tests performed by immunologists, part of the immunology service at QSUT, members and collaborators of the Academy./abcnews