Basha Awaits DPK Leader Enver Hoxhaj: Albania’s Biggest Contribution Is To Stand Strongly By Kosovo

The Chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha welcomed today the DPK delegation, led by Enver Hoxhaj, the acting Chairman of the party, the Deputy Chairman, Xhavit Haliti, and the General Secretary, Uran Ismaili.

After the meeting in a statement to the media, the opposition leader said that the meeting discussed the challenges of Kosovo and economic cooperation. Basha said that the greatest contribution that Albania can give to Kosovo is to stand strongly by the side of Kosovo.

Basha expressed readiness that after April 25, the DP will give its full contribution in support of Kosovo.

Basha: I have the pleasure to welcome the acting Chairman of the Democratic Party in Kosovo. To the best memories of the joint commitment to the independence and recognition of Kosovo. We discussed Kosovo’s challenges, common challenges. My unwavering stance is that for Albania the greatest contribution is to stand firmly on the side of Kosovo by abandoning any agenda or goal of personal misuse of Kosovo’s challenges.

Abandoning any agenda or intent for personal misuse of Kosovo’s challenges and unifying our positions to overcome these challenges. Strongly supporting Kosovo’s aspirations and objectives for visa waiver, NATO and EU membership.

Albanian diplomacy should be completely in support of Kosovo, me and PD today and after April 25 we will give our full contribution.

We talked about economic cooperation and concrete challenges such as facing the process in the Special Court. A full and comprehensive coordination between Albania and Kosovo is required. (OraNews)