Rama Agrees With Pfizer: Vaccination Starts In January, EU Differentiation Unacceptable

Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced the agreement of the Albanian government for the text of the Pfizer agreement for the provision of the anti-covid vaccine.

According to Rama, the vaccination of the Albanian people for Covid-19 starts in January.

Rama also condemned the EU differentiation towards the Balkans in this regard.

“In extremely difficult conditions due to the dizzying global demand and the still very small amount of production, we have agreed in principle after intensive contacts from all sides, the text of the agreement with Pfizer to start vaccination in January!

Morally, politically, logically unacceptable differentiation that the EU made to the Balkans, however, we managed with diplomacy and insistence not to lag behind anyone. And we will not stop until the last dose is provided. Words back to those who continued with insults and accusations!” Rama wrote on Twitter.