Basha Attacks Rama: He Went To New York For New Shoes

Democrat leader Lulzim Basha has started this new year with an attack on Prime Minister Edi Rama, after the latter announced the provision of anti-covid vaccine.

Basha said that Rama is selling failures as successes, because the doses are very small for Albania and it is too late to distribute them compared to other countries. He went on to accuse him of going to New York to buy new shoes.

“As always, Rama tries to sell failures as successes. Albania is the country that provides the least economic assistance to its citizens. Rama promises to bring very few vaccines, and too late compared to other countries. Serbia has meanwhile started vaccination, while Rama went to New York to buy new shoes! This loser must leave the government, so that Albania can change and hope again”, writes Basha. (OraNews)