Bebe Rexha’s Favorite: If You Are Albanian, You Should Have It In Every Cooking

The singer of Albanian origin, Bebe Rexha has always proudly shown in interviews her origin. Recently, she made a special video for “Esquire”, where she talked about her favorite things in her home, such as awards won at music events or various gifts.

Among other things, Rexha has shared with the fans one of the most special spices he has at home. It is about the mixture of spices, which is part of almost every Albanian cooking and the singer herself emphasized such a thing.

This here is called vegeta (mixture of spices), if you are Albanian, you should have this. This is like something that should be in all your cooking as the most favorite addition. This is like a spice, if you cook Albanian food. “I will make some delicious soup with this and I do not know why I am advertising it”, said Bebe Rexha.

Not a few times, the artist originally from Dibra has spoken about her preferences for traditional Albanian culture and cuisine.