Noli’s Rare Speech: We Did Not Invent Albanian Patriotism, We Found It-VIDEO

A rare Fan Noli speech given at the Vatra Society meeting in the USA in 1963.

The speech is accompanied by images from the documentary ‘Arm to Arm’ (1964, I / 2-156) directed by Endri Kekos & Ho Y Shen, cameramen: Jani Nano & Uan De Cen, as well as the documentary ‘Our Noli’ (1983, I / 2-888) and directed by Todi Bozi with operator Faruk Basha.

“We did not invent it, we did not invent Albanian patriotism, we found it. The only thing we did was to try to organize and channel the patriotism that existed among Albanians. Now, the reason why we did well, was that we had a people who really loved Albania. Even a people who, not only had patriotism, the virtue of patriotism, but also had some other virtues, of which I would count only one, which we have been told by all foreigners who have visited Albania. When Albania joined the League of Nations, the representative of India, Muhamed Aliu, praised the Albanians: Today, he said, we did the most beautiful work that approached Albania in the League of Nations.

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