The 101st Anniversary Of The Birth Of Ismail Qemali Is Commemorated In Cinema

There can be no Albanian, big or small, who lives inside or outside the Albanian lands, has not seen at least once in his life the movie “Second November” and the real portrayal that the actor Sander Prosi has made of the bearded old man, Ismail Kamal. Today, perhaps, a large part of the people find it impossible to separate the character realized masterfully from Pros, from the father of the nation.

But another iconic figure of Albanian cinema, Dhaskal Todri will again have the portrait of the great actor, who will achieve the impossible for the Albanian language. A character firmly ingrained in the collective memory of the public. This actor would create over 85 roles in theater in 75 works by Albanian authors such as AZ Çajupi, K. Jakova, B. Lëvonja, L. Papa, I. Kadare, T. Laço, R. Pulaha, D. Agolli, Dh . Juan and foreign authors such as Shakespeare, Schiller, Chekhov, Karadzale, Gorky, Brecht, etc. ” Sander Prosi starred in about 30 films, where he created such roles that have entered the stable fund of our theater and cinematography. For his great contribution to the development of our scenic and cinematographic art, he has been honored with the high title “People’s Artist”, with Republic Awards and with orders and medals.

Sander Prosi was born in Shkodra, on January 6, 1920. After finishing primary school, he continued his high school education in Tirana. Participates in the drama “Wilhelm Teli”. He went to study dentistry in Austria, which he did not finish. In 1947 he took part in a competition at the People’s Theater and won it. This is where his wide and varied artistic activity begins.

While his first role was that of Shaqir Aga in the comedy “Prefect” by Besim Lëvonja, which was well received, and where the actor played alongside Loro Kovac, Mihal Pop, Marie Logorec, etc. It was 1961 when he got his first role in the film as the school principal in the film “Debate”. In the film “The First Years” he impressed the spectator for a clear concretization of Abdyl’s character, remaining in everyone’s mind for a long time. Sander Prosi died when he could still give beautiful roles to the stage and screen. He was awarded prizes, titles and medals, as well as the high title “People’s Artist”. He passed away shooting the last meters of the movie “Bitter Spring” on March 24, 1985. And Bitter Spring was really for him.