Meeting in Greece, PJIU condems Rama: Lack of transparency

Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (PJIU) says that there is no transparency so far for the meetings that Prime Minister Edi Rama has held in Greece and says that the silence and servility of our head of government mean turning his back to Albanians.

In a reaction to the media, PJIU states that the approach he chose to face the Greek side is strictly personal: without political companions, without staff, without diplomats, only he himself.

“What is our agenda of interests? Rama is not transparent, he talks alone, he does not give information. Those who recognize Rama know very well that if there had been progress in the demands of the so-called Albanian basket of historical or modern problems, the Premier would have made them public. But there is silence.

Such arrogance of the head of our government; servile megalomania does not hide good things. PJIU will continue to denounce this stepback of our government, of its leader, this backstabbing of our national interest despite the fact that this is trying to camouflage the alleged role of Rama’s messenger between Turkey and Greece”, it is further stated in the reaction./abcnews