Floods in Albania, IGJEUM gives the latest data and warns of snowfall

The situation in Albania is critical with the increase of rainfall, where some rivers are in danger of overflowing. Even today, through an official announcement, the Institute of Geosciences (IGJEUM) announces that from their calculations, the level of Buna river will continue to be high, but with local flood problems.

Meanwhile, other rivers will continue to have high inflows but no flood problems are expected. High intensity in the north-west of the country may still create local problems with small streams and rivers, urban floods and landslides mainly during the 10th and 11th of January 2021.

Today afternoon (Tuesday, dt. 12) and tomorrow (Wednesday, dt. 13) light rain is expected in all regions of the country, while in the region of Vlora the rainfall will reach locally to average.

In the north, east and southeast of the country at altitudes above 400m the precipitation will be in the form of snow.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, dt. 13) the minimum and maximum air temperatures are expected to reach:

on the coast: 8/11 ° C, in the lowlands: 6/10 ° C, in the mountains: -1 / 6 ° C


Today afternoon (Tuesday, dt. 12) and tomorrow (Wednesday, dt. 13) the wind is expected to blow light to medium./abcnews