The Assembly Will Consider The Vaccine Agreement With Pfizer On January 28, 2021

The Assembly of Albania will review on January 28, 2021, at 10:00 the request of the Council of Ministers for the agreement with Pfizer for the vaccine.

The Council of Ministers has submitted on 12.01.2021 this request to the Assembly, that is, one day after they came and the first vaccination in the country took place, in the premises of the stadium “Air Albania”.

Normative act no. 1, dated 10.1.2021 “On the approval of the text of the agreement for the production and supply, from and between Pfizer Export BV, and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Albania, the Institute of Public Health, and the Minister of State for Reconstruction, Authorization of the procedure for allowing the entry and administration of anti-Covid-19 vaccines in the Republic of Albania as well as their use in the population.”- it is stated in the agenda of the Assembly.

The government has indicated that 10,700 doses will arrive in the third week of January and that a total of 500,000 vaccines have been agreed with Pfizer. (OraNews)