PM pays tribute to Ismail Qemali: Immortal

Prime Minister Edi Rama paid tribute to Ismail Qemal Vlora, on his birth anniversary, praising him as the founder of the Albanian state. Among other things, Prime Minister Rama wrote in his message that “Ismail Qemali paved with his life a path that today is a safe guide for anyone who wants to be a servant of Albania”.

Rama said that a valuable and rare legacy has been left behind by the prominent man Ismail Qemali.

“He dialogued with the irrational, became the mouth and face of hundreds of thousands of unknown Albanians who loved Albania equally, he gave his hand to those who hid the dagger under their sleeves, avoided fratricide and disunity and made irreversible the dynamics of Albanians as a factor in the society of free nations, thus leaving us a valuable and rare legacy, ”said Rama./ abcnews