Rama reacts after the letter of the French embassy: I did not attack any ally, I stand by the statement about vaccines

Prime Minister Edi Rama reacted on Facebook after the letter of the French embassy against the statement of the head of the Albanian government that the Balkans has been left behind by the EU on the issue of vaccine.

Rama responds to a citizen and writes that he has not attacked France and that he does not remove any commas from what he stated regarding this issue.

Full post by Prime Minister Rama:

I have not attacked any ally, much less France in this case! I have not forgotten and I do not forget that the European Union has helped Albania, since our country came out of the prison of dictatorship until today. On the contrary, I have valued and continue to value the European Union, for a thousand and one reasons, including without a doubt the invaluable assistance it has given to Albania for 30 years now.

I have talked about a concrete issue in a concrete situation, related to the vaccine and I do not remove any commas from what I have said! The exclusion of the countries of our region in the distribution of the vaccine against Covid by the EU, has no excuse in any plan and this is understood by anyone who pretends not to understand!

While the complaint of the French embassy, ​​since I illustrated my opinion, bringing the example of France (as I could bring other examples), is unrelated to my position and specifically to the behavior of the example of France, to illustrate the idea that there was no reason why our countries should not be given some doses for doctors at least, when they can not be used all at once in any EU country!

France is not only one of the most wonderful countries in the world and the most advanced in Europe in every direction, not just a friend and ally of Albania, but also a special place in my heart and mind, as it is. The EU, a testament to an inalienable destination of Albania and Albanians.

The complaint of the French embassy does not change anything in any way, just as the right to think differently applies as always, both for France and for Albania in this case; as for the drafters of the complaint on behalf of France, as for me speaking on behalf of Albania.

But I tell you amicably, that by taking out of context the complaint of the French embassy, ​​you are wrong just as the French embassy was wrong, taking out of context what I said! In fact, he is even worse, because he speaks not only irrelevantly to the complaint, but also says irrelevant things!

A nice popular saying goes, true friendship does not have all the honeymoon words, so neither you get upset, nor the embassy has to get upset, that I do not, what I do not hear, but I do not get upset.

The day before, the French embassy in Tirana reacted with a note-protest sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after the statements of Prime Minister Rama, who in a TV interview raised the question ‘why France should keep the stock vaccine, and not will use them, rather than share them with other countries’.

In the official letter sent to Minister Olta Xhaçka, the French embassy says that this information is not true. Calling attacks on a “friend and ally” country inappropriate