The Supreme Court Is Unlocked After 3 Years

The Supreme Court risks remaining blocked for the next 2-3 years if its staff is not filled with new judges.

Vice President Sokol Sadushi in an interview for the Albanian service of Deutche Welle said that 36 thousand files are collected while the institution has only one body with 3 judges.

Sokol Sadushi: “We have a large influx of cases that need to be removed, we have a small number of judges and anyone who now brings a case for trial in the High Court is obliged to wait for his turn, while they must be respected legal deadlines for adjudicating new cases. This situation will continue in the Supreme Court for another 2-3 years until it normalizes. This is because the new judges who will come, will want their time to evade the cases.”

The panel with the three current members of the court, has defined a methodology for the selection of cases that will be examined first as the files wait for 8 or 9 years.

Sokol Sadushi: It is a mountain of files since 2012 waiting to be tried. There are a considerable number of final decisions suspended since 2013; overturned decisions and returned for retrial by the Courts of Appeal; high number of separate appeals or cases pending for years, due to jurisdictional disputes or jurisdictional disputes. The methodology is based on two principles: chronological and priority.

According to the deputy mayor Sokol Sadushi, within 8 months, 2 thousand files have been reviewed, including civil, criminal and administrative cases, but most of them are in the administrative field, about 800, 600 are civil cases and 400 criminal.

The first to be addressed were risky issues for procedural deadlines. (OraNews)