Meta seeks efforts to create chances for youths’ future in Albania

President of the Republic, Ilir Meta has called Monday for efforts to provide the young people of Albania with all the chances and opportunities they need to build a safe future in their homeland.

Head of State’s appeal came after he started this week with a warm conversation with Vlora students, who study in their country and abroad.

Valuable ideas on the necessity of youngsters’ energetic involvement in all fields of life to give Vlora the deserved pride and glow were also exchanged in this meeting, as President Meta informed.

Full statement by the President of Albania below:

A pleasure to start the day today, with a warm conversation in Vlora with students of this city, who study at home and abroad.

We shared many valuable ideas about the necessity of their energetic engagement in all areas of life, to give Vlora the splendor and pride it deserves.

We must listen to the voice of the youths and make every effort to create all the chances and opportunities for them to build their secure future in our Homeland./ abcnews