“The days of the government are numbered” Basha to Rama: The EU will help us with the economic plan

Democrat leader Lulzim Basha has issued a statement to the media right after the conference of Prime Minister Edi Rama on the tax system.

Basha describes Rama as ” ‘Tire’ of the government”, while adding that the DP has ready a plan for the economic recovery of the country, for which the EU will help.

Basha: The days of this government are numbered. The government that took the money from the Albanian citizens, took the money from the Albanian families, where 96% of them pay more taxes. He took money from the Albanian business, where instead of turning it into services, he gave it to a handful of his clients in investments, he can no longer hide or hide himself by blaming anyone. Including the EU.

It is time for a change. It is time to oust this government and this irresponsible prime minister who is the cause and source of this crisis. We have a concrete economic plan. Together with the Albanians on April 25 we will remove the evil and start the path of change. In this path of change our strategic partners, including the EU, will help us with an economic plan.(OraNews)