Rama challenges EU: Warns moving towards Eastern markets

Prime Minister, Edi Rama has warned this Saturday that Albania has not to wait for free movement in Europe for trading its products, instead, it will consider other opportunities in the eastern markets such as Turkey for example.

This isn’t the first time PM Rama criticizes Europe, as he has done so even regarding the distribution of anti-Covid vaccine, saying that EU has cared only about the countries within the Union, leaving behind WB countries.

“Therefore, we need a lot of patience to understand that the processes of state-building at all levels and the establishment of a chain of institutions to do their job are processes that require their time. It is not optimistic to say that in the next 3-4 years it is possible for us to have market access, but we are not necessarily waiting for the EU market because there are other markets. It is possible for our meat products to hit major markets in the East, from Turkey to the Middle East onwards.

So, I believe that there is a lot of room for your work in this sector to be a revolution. Examples have been built that show that if you do the right things here you succeed, as an actor in a big market. If you expect the state to do everything for you then you cannot succeed,” said the Prime Minister during a meeting he had today with some residents of Korca./abcnews