Minister Balluku presents the new Tirana-Durrës railway contract: From Tirana to Rinas airport in 12 minutes

Today, a contract was signed between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, and the Italian company INC SPA for the construction of the new Tirana-Durrës railway.

Minister Belinda Balluku said that the works will last 30 months, so the railway will be ready in the summer of 2023 and will create 2200 new jobs.

She said that the investment will significantly improve traffic in the two cities of Albania and will reduce the time distance between Tirana and Durres to almost 22 minutes, and that from Tirana to Rinas airport in just 12 minutes.

“The new railway artery will reduce the time towards Rinas airport as well as the traffic at peak traffic times. It will significantly improve the movement in the two big cities of Albania by reducing the travel distance between Tirana and Durrës to 22 minutes and from Tirana to Rinas airport, in only 12 minutes”, said among others Balluku. (TCH)