Professor Kristian Bukuroshi “Grand Master”, An Albanian Erudite Intellectual

Ruki Kondaj
Ruki Kondaj

On the morning of January 31, I received some sad news from Ilir Lena, producer of “Albanian Mirror”. Kristian Bukuroshi, the man I have known in Canada for over two decades. I had the great fortune to know him intimately and to have had not only my idol, a great collaborator, but also a great friend of mine and my family.

Prof. Kristian Bukuroshi has an early connection with Canada because his grandfather Mihal Bukuroshi emigrated to Canada around 1908 and is said to have been the first Albanian to touch Canadian soil in Montreal, but not only that the professor’s father has been for several years in Canada and returned around 1960 to Albania, during the communist regime who could no longer return to Canada, where he had begun to build a life, but without his family nearby, while his uncle is the one who invited him for the first time the professor in 1991 and in 1992 came with his whole family his wife, son with family and daughter with family, connection with Canada with 5 generations.

We had heard a lot about Professor Kristiani as a high level intellectual, scientist, but when I got to know him closely I also saw high human qualities and virtues that he rarely finds nowadays, it is the erudite intellectual, the elite of Albanian intelligence that has given so much to Albania as a scientist, prominent mathematician and according to the Academy of Sciences Kristian Bukuroshi is the founder of the discipline of mathematical analysis in the department of specialty mathematics, where he practiced as a university professor. This is the basic subject of the formation of generations of mathematics teachers in high schools and universities, as well as mathematicians. He will be remembered as one of the most capable and rigorous pedagogues, as the very discipline he held in the chair.

Kristian Bukuroshi founded and directed the first research center in informatics in Albania (center of computational mathematics), on the basis of which he realized all the necessary intellectual and professional preparations for the establishment of the first institute in this field in our country, INIMA (Institute of Applied Mathematics), which he led for a long time and very successfully. The establishment of this institute was realized on the basis of a project that gained the attention and financial support of UNDP, the first project in Albania implemented with a budget from an international organization.

At the head of INIMA, as its longest-serving director, Kristian Bukuroshi managed to establish a successful interdisciplinary collaboration in informatics, mathematics, energy, geophysics, statistics, construction, laying the foundations for the numerical archiving of their projects.

Under the leadership of Kristian Bukuroshi, two population and housing censuses were conducted in Albania, which are considered national scientific actions, working intensively with three shifts and with a modest logistical support.

Under the leadership of Kristian Bukuroshi the service he led recognized a cautious opening with the World.

Study of static and dynamic constants of the national energy system and their concrete application.
Complete study of power system failures and improvement of its protection schemes.
Rational distribution of electrical loads, voltage levels, as well as electricity flows in the Albanian energy system.
Problems of safety curves and rational use of water consumption in the Drin River cascade.
Study, design and concrete construction of the software interface, for the emulation of the magnetic tape reading peripheral device with the electronic calculator DJS21.
Eventual modifications of the Algol 60 compiler, adding new procedures.
But I got to know the Professor in community engagement, who has made a valuable contribution for more than two decades to the Albanian-Canadian Association and to the entire Albanian community in Ontario and Canada, for his brilliant ideas, for his wisdom, for his simplicity. immeasurable, kindness, nobility full of precious virtues that the professor as we all called him held. From 2008 to 2021 he was a member of the Honorary Council of the AAC, active participant in many working groups, especially in the working group for drafting the statute in 2012, in the group for the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Albania’s independence, in the Evaluation group of Albanian and foreign personalities, in the Albanian heritage group which has given a concrete contribution with ideas in drafting standards, documents and materials to be used in the Ontario Parliament’s heritage month celebrations which began as a process in 2014 with the establishment of the working group, was finalized by law on 5 December 2016 and on 8 December received the approval of the Queen’s representative in Ontario (as a rule) where November was declared the Month of Albanian Heritage in Ontario. His work has been so great, but without many words, accompanied by an immense modesty. In 2008 he was chairman of the Kosovo Independence Celebrations Commission, a commission that included all associations in Toronto and its environs. I was lucky to have not only a mentor, but a great friend. The professor was an intellectual who enjoyed listening to his jokingly talked-about conversation, his wise sayings that he referred to as the sayings of the people.

Professor Kristiani was awarded in 2001 with the title “Grand Master” by President Rexhep Mejdani, in 2012 by the Albanian Association of Informatics was awarded a certificate of appreciation for his great work as a prominent mathematician and founder of the Albanian Institute of Informatics.

The Albanian-Canadian Community Association awarded him the title “Honorary Member” in November 2014 for his valuable contribution to the association and the entire Albanian-Canadian community.

As a math teacher who started working directly after a year that came to Canada because as he said himself for a year worked intensively for learning English and was not so young, but 59 years old began the life of immigration that was accompanied by quick integration steps. The professor never retired, officially yes, but in fact not because he taught university students where he prepared them for math exams, as he did for his nephews until shortly before he fell ill. The man who did not leave you any day, all his life and especially the somewhat long time of illness without ever complaining is Mrs. Marika Bukuroshi, his wife and his children and grandchildren as well. Professor Bukuroshi’s family is a very hospitable family.

Although the summer here is short, they both grew a lot of vegetables in their backyard garden and enjoyed where they cooked the vegetables for themselves and the guests, and as good zagorites they made winter zahirs where they kept them in the fridge on the basement (floor house gout). The professor did not like to celebrate his birthday, I learned this well, he celebrated his name day and Christmas a lot. Memories with the professor are so numerous that one writing is not enough. Albania has lost a great intellectual, the Academy of Sciences a prominent scientist who left behind concrete works, the Albanian community in Canada and the Albanian Diaspora lost a valuable activist, our association lost a worthy member and advisor, the Bukuroshi family lost a husband, an exemplary father and grandfather, his students lost the much-needed Mathematics Professor, my family and I have lost a precious and irreplaceable friend. A bicycle accident happened three years ago where the ordeal of medical visits began until he passed away, but the dear Professor will not be separated from the hearts not only of the family, but all of us who loved him and loved us so much a lot. Bent by the pain of the accident, I remember him in the last public appearance at the celebration of the Month of Albanian Heritage in the Parliament of Ontario in November 2017, where the internationally famous soprano Inva Mula was invited, whom the Professor loved and appreciated so much. ill also in the meeting that day offered by the Prime Minister of Ontario at the time Kathlyn Winne in respect for the heritage group and the Albanian Ambassador to Canada SH.TZ

The Albanian-Canadian Association expressed its gratitude, respect and sincere condolences on its Facebook page for the honored professor Kristian Bukuroshi who kept him in charge of the country, never considering him old, neither for his age nor for his many years in the association and in in his memory a wreath was prepared on behalf of all where he was handed over today to his family because it is not allowed to attend the funeral by the President of the association Bujar Zejnullahu and me.

We bow with respect and gratitude for his figure, the work he left behind that will always be in our hearts.

Your eternal memory, dear Professor Kristian Bukuroshi, I will drink that coffee that we can not drink together because of the Covidian situation with eight Marika, in your house without you, but in your memory!

Dr.Ruki Kondaj (National Ambassador)

Honorary President and Chair of the Heritage Group at the Albanian-Canadian Community Association, Toronto, ON, Canada