USA / Sarah Behar, The Mysterious Singer Of The ’20s Who Sang “Aman Doktor!”

“Aman doctor!” is one of the songs that in the ’20s and’ 40s was sung by an Albanian singer in America identified as Sarah Behar.

According to Canary Records, owned by Ian Nagoski, a music researcher and producer living in Baltimore, USA, among the summaries he has found is the “No news from tomorrow” album, which includes the recording of three women.

of Albanian emigrants of the ’40s

It is about Amalia Bakas born in a Roman Jewish community in Ioannina, Greece who moved to the US in her teens in 1912 and spent decades working as a singer in a nightclub. Victoria Hazan from Turkey who emigrated to the US in 1922 and mainly sang in her synagogue while the third is Sarah Behar which for Nagoski is a bit of a mystery as in her time there are three names registered with this name, but based on the songs sung Albanian may have been from Albania. “We just have no idea who she is, five minutes from her voice this is what we have from her recordings,” says Ian.