• June 18, 2021

Kosovo Election Analysts: Problems Remain little hope for this

(From Fjoralba Jeminaj)

The fight against the pandemic, the vaccination of citizens in the near future and the economic recovery are dominating the election campaign in Kosovo.
Political parties in Kosovo are unveiling to the citizens their programs for the early elections on February 14. There are also accusations and counter-accusations between the parties and this hot pre-election climate for those who are aware of political developments is not good at all.
Harsh pre-election climate
Blerim Burjani, a political analyst, said that the climate characterizing this campaign is not good: “Political development tendencies accompanied by political rigor are an undesirable characteristic of a new democratic country such as Kosovo

Kosovo is not escaping from excessive political drama. So, who is the good or who is bad one (ted y palet) are characterizing this beginning of the election campaign “and according to Blerim Burjani, the expectations from these elections are low.

He also said: “My expectation are not positive even after the end of these elections, because governments are always formed with two or three governing partners and each defends its own interests to benefit from the vote of the citizens, and have never managed to integrate a governing program with strong pillars to change the economic, social and health life stemming from the broad interests of citizens. (NacionalAlbania)