• June 19, 2021

Kosovo Stronger than ever

The people of Kosovo have spoken! Albin Kurti has spoken! Vetevendosje is about to transform Kosova (Kosovo)! No more suppression, no more corruption…it’s about to be an exciting time to be a citizen of Kosova! Leadership based on real values, conviction, and facts! No matter what “the others” tell you, Kosova (including many of your own propagandized, and even some diaspora here in the U.S.), the truth is the U.S. will be behind you more now than ever before! Vetevendosje and the U.S. will be a force together! No more Grenell and company…and all the anti-Kosovar policies they tried to get implemented! There is now leadership that cares about the Kosovar people! Today is a day the Kosovar Albanian people should celebrate around the world! 2/14

(Richard A. Castleberry MBA)