• May 12, 2021

Voting only with Kosovo documents

Zarko Ristic from northern Kosovo says he was provided with a Kosovo document when he planned to go to Shkodra, Albania, to visit a historic monument. To cross the border, he needed a Kosovo ID card.

When I realized that most of them were provided with (Kosovo) documents, this did not bother me much as I also had some principles. “But I was provided with this document to go to Shkodra,” Ristic told Radio Free Europe.

Ristic and all citizens of Kosovo, in the early parliamentary elections of February 14, can vote only if they have a document issued by the Republic of Kosovo.

“The Central Election Commission (CEC) has approved the guideline for the identification of voters at the polling station, for the February 14 elections. It is a decision to accept as identification documents only those documents that are issued by the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and that are valid: identity card, passport , travel document and driver’s license “, said for Radio Free Europe, the CEC spokesman Valmir Elezi. (EvropaElire)